Model: MS14i

The MS is the original design of the Walker; built to be compact and manoeuvrable. It uses a smaller engine and simplified drive train and shares most of the features of the high-performance models.




The S14 is new for 2014, representing a significant change in the Walker line. The nimble S14 uses Hydro-Gear® ZT3100 transaxles and a 12.5" grass handling blower that delivers cut material into the 7-bushel catcher. Decks up to 42 inches can be used on the S14, and a variety of implements and attachments are available. The S14 is a great machine for homeowners and large property owners.


14-HP, Subaru Robin engine

Fuel Capacity: 7.2 l

Cooling System: air

Weight: 270 kg (w/o deck)

Speed: Variable 0–10.5 kph

High performance engine with increased cooling system

Hydro Gear with remote expansion oil reservoir

Parking brake

Manual Clutch/Break


Side discharge (SD), Mulch or grass handling system (GHS)

Each wheel independently driven (Hydrostatic)

Additional air filter system

Full pressure with filter

Speed 0–10.5 kph (infinitely variable)

Parking brake

Zero Turning Radius (ZTR)

Full signal audio (GHS) on catcher

Forward Speed Control

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