Trimax Pegasus S4

After fifteen years in the market, Pegasus has established
itself as the benchmark in wide-area mowing for parks,
reserves, airports, racetracks, sports fields and turf farms.


Available in 4.9m and 6.1m widths, the S4 is our newest
version of the exceptionally low-maintenance trailed
rotary mower.
Engineered to be the lowest maintenance Pegasus
ever, the number of grease points on the S4 have
been reduced by 30%. It also comes with sealed,
maintenance-free spindles and fully sealed roller
bearings, all of which have at least halved the annual
maintenance hours and costs.
The development of the Pegasus S4 is a great example
of how we push technologies through our entire product
range and it will give you rock-solid reliability, strength
and performance.
Call us today for a demonstration of the Pegasus S4 and
see for yourself how it can transform your environment.


3 year warranty
Low Maintenance
Full width Rollers
Maintenance Free Spindles


Individual Lift System (ILS)
Quattro Blade System
Remote Unlock
Roller Scrapers
Electric Brakes
Anti-Buonce Skids