Oil Filter [HH1C0-32430]

Kubota's oil filters are designed to remove harmful contaminants from engine oil during periods of normal and severe service.

Features of Kubota engine oil filters include:
- Internal filter element has steel caps bonded to the filter media with oil resistant adhesive to increase the structural strength of the element.
- High efficiency filtration with synthetic fibers for hot oil resistance.
- Sealing gasket compound for severe service and high temperature operation reduces oil leakage due to hardening.

Why Kubota?
Test results show that the filtration efficiency rate of a Kubota genuine filter is better than that of an after-market competitor over a specified test period. The efficiency of Kubota filter improves as the hours pass (see chart).

How is this possible?
The filtration area for the Kubota genuine filter is bonded and supported by metal caps for durability. In contrast, an after-market competitor filter is bonded to paper cardboard which can easily come off, leak oil or collapse, and the oil will not pass through the filter.

Oil Filter used in models:
KJ-S240, KX033-4, KX057-4, KX080-3, KX91-3, M100G, M105S, M108S, M110GX, M6040, M6800, M6800/M6800(OLD), M7040D, M8200, M9000, M9540, M9540, M95, ME8200, ME9000, R065, SSV65, SSV75, SVL75, SVL75-2, SVL90-2, SVL95-2, U35-3, U35-4, U48-4, U55-4