Land Pride AFM4214 All-Flex Mower (40 - 70 HP)

The Land Pride AFM4214 All Flex Grooming Mower provides users with an excellent cut quality on groomed areas such as sports fields, theme parks, fairways, turf farms, and large estates. They can be ordered with slip-clutch or conventional wing driveline configurations.


The mower offers independent deck flotation and zero turning radius thanks to the sleek frame design. When transporting the AFM4214 from one mowing site to another – especially on a public streets or rights-of-way – the hydraulic wing cylinders will easily lift the wing decks for a 6’-8" transport width.The contour-following capability, highly productive cutting widths, and rear discharge design of the floating cutting decks will greatly reduce wide-area cutting times and still deliver beautifully groomed surfaces at mowing speeds up to 6 mph.