Kubota KX057-4

Equipped with superior power and flexibility, the Kubota KX057-4 excavator delivers the performance every operator is looking for. Powered by a Kubota 47.6HP, renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliability, the KX057-4 will give you the confidence to tackle any job with ease.  Redefining the 5.5 tonne class,  the KX057-4 offers the ultimate in performance and luxury in comfort.


Kubota 47.6HP
Deluxe suspension seat
Wide entrance for easy entry and exit from the cab
Auxiliary Circuit 2 (Standard Equipment)
Adjustable Maximum Oil Flow Control
Two Speed Travel
Auto Shift
3 Pump Load Sensing System
5 Lower Track Rollers
Steel or rubber tracks
ROPS/OPG (Top Guard) Cab and ROPS
2 way angle blade option