Kidd TWY300T HL Post Driver

KIDD TWY300T HL Post Driver offers up to 10 different hydraulic adjustments from the operating station without the need to operate anything from the tractor. The exact position and angle of the post can be achieved without moving the tractor, making one man operation easy.
The versatility of the Kidd TWY300T HL makes it possible to get to those posts in confined spaces and at awkward angles. Ideal when operating on steep countryside or in cattle yards. The telescopic mast which can raise to 5.5m makes more specialised post driving such as dear fencing or kiwi fruit orchards achievable, where longer posts can be driven at different angles that cant be reached by most other drivers on the market. 


KIDD TWY300T HL Post Driver.
Fully hydraulic adjustable from 5-7 lever control bank
Telescopic boom
Rake angle
Telescopic mast
Hyd slew
Mast tilt
3.5m mast with hydraulic vertical telescopic adjustment to 5.5m,
250kg tapered weight,

Optional -
Hydraulic rock spike
Hyd stabilizer legs
Hyd top link

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