Energreen RoboGREEN evo

RoboGREEN evo is a remote-controlled multifunctional equipment carrier machine that can work in the most hostile places, with slopes up to 55°, where the access is very difficult. Equipped with a diesel 40 HP engine and two double effect hydraulic functions it can carry various tools. Born to satisfy and meet the most exigent needs is the ultimate equipment carrier remote-controlled machine. With its power, performances, reliability and robustness it completely differs from other remote-controlled machines.


RoboGREEN evo is a remote-controlled machine, able to work in complete safety in dangerous areas, with slopes up to 55° in any direction. The exceptional stability of the machine is given by a low center of gravity, a special oil sump and rubber tracks for an excellent grip. The safety of operators is one of our targets; the use of the remote control with up to 150 m range avoids several work risks to the operator: noise, vibrations, exposure to exhaust  materials, etc.


The special design of the tracks and the system of tensioning make of RoboGREEN evo a safe machine to work on slopes up to 55° in all directions: hill and mountain areas, embankments, cliffs, etc. and all those rough lands where the adherence is very low and a machine for high slopes is required.


RoboGREEN evo is a technologically advanced machine that responds to the current needs of safety and performances requested by the market. Energreen wanted to change the concept of the traditional cutting of grass, creating a remote-controlled machine, which can do operations of mowing where previously there was only the possibility to use hand brush cutters; this represents a new frontier of utilization, where the safety of the operators is put first. RoboGREEN evo is certainly faster than the traditional ways of mowing; it allows to optimize the work in the most different working environments.


Thanks to the power released by its diesel engine and the type of its hydraulic system, this machine has the possibility to work with various tools, satisfying the needs of different sectors. Today, RoboGREEN evo can equip 25 different tools, conceived and designed to take advantage of all the potentialities of this machine.


Technical data RoboGREEN evo
Maximum gradient 55°
Transmission Hydrostatic
Low range speed 0 - 2.5 mph / 0 - 4 km/h
High range speed 0 - 4.35 mph / 0 - 7 km/h
Machine weight 2293 lb / 1040 kg

Technical data Engine
Brand Yanmar
Type 3 Cylinders Diesel
Power 40 hp (27,5 kW)
Fuel tank 20 liters / 5,5 gal
Working RPM 3000 rpm

Technical data Remote Control
Make Autec
Radio frequency 870 Mhz (EU) - 915 Mhz (US)
Working range 150 m / 492 ft
Joystick Proportional
Battery Rechargeable
Battery life 18 h
Dimensions 260x200x190 mm
Weight 2 kg

Further Info

Remote controlled (150 mt range)
Operator in safety zone
Emergency button on the remote control
Excellent handling
Easy to carry

Easy to use and intuitive controller
Multifunction with personalization
150 mt range
Safety distance for the operator

Special steel frame
Certified components
Reversible fan Flexxaire
40 HP engine
Special oil sump

Special design of the track
Traction in all directions
Low center of gravity
Special oil sump

Fast work performances
Reduced consumptions
Maneuverability on every land
Easy transport

Several available tools
Road maintenance
Green maintenance
Forestry works, winter road service, agriculture, services for industry, works in construction sites