Billy Goat Vacuum MV Industrial Duty Vacuums

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29" Gobbler Door
Adjustable from the operator's position for easy switching between hard surface, turf or hose applications.

Unique Top Fill Design Bag
Keeps dust out of operator's face and ensures optimum filling.

14" Custom Wheels
Smooth out the rough areas and make the vacuum maneuverable.

Micro-Adjustable Height Control
Crank style for optimum performance on turf or hard surfaces.

3 Speed Transmission
*MV650SPH ONLY* Available to self-propelled only. Ultra smooth and extremely durable.

Optional Top Loading Felt Bag
Model: 840194
Part #: 80023245

Slides in and out on rails for best in class unloading. 151 ltr bag holds up to 22 kg of debris.

Optional Disposable Bag Liners
Model: 840134
Part #: 80023242

Available in packs of 12 and eliminates the extra step of bagging your debris.

Optional Hose Kit
Model: 840116
Part #: 80023240

Attaches to the gobbler door. No extra plate is required to close off the air intake. Ideal for those hard-to-reach areas.